Technical Services

We design, implement, deploy and integrate Blackboard solutions, extending Blackboard platforms to meet your organization’s unique needs to give you powerful, flexible solutions to help you deliver on your instructional strategy and goals.


Implementation & Integration Consulting

We offer personalized deployment plan and BB Supported development paths, our experts will consult and assist with you on infrastructure sizing, implementation and integrations, and performance engineering across our applications.

Implementation and Customization Services for Blackboard Technology

You are presented with the challenge that require powerful, flexible solutions to help you deliver on your education strategy, goals and to meet strict business SLAs. To take full advantage of the power and flexibility of our solutions, contact us to personalized your platform precisely to your needs, and ensure that every member of your team has the skills to exploit it. We have the experience and expertise to optimize Blackboard Learn, and to keep your teams versed in the solutions you implement.

Implementation and Customization Services for Blackboard Technology Implementation Helping you design and deliver your new technology in support of your strategic goals

  • Create a tailored deployment plan your vision, mission, and goals for student experience, instructor adoption, and institution brand
  • Define development paths Comprehensive analysis to identify potential risks or challenges and develop mitigation strategies
  • Increase usability and adoption Change management across your plans which result in deeper adoption and higher student engagement Customization Design custom services to support goals and use cases specific to your institution
  • Facilitate interoperability across your technology Create sophisticated integration solutions between Blackboard and your other enterprise platforms
  • Optimize your technology ecosystem Improve your online system infrastructure to better support your eLearning environment




Work with institutions to determine the educational and administrative needs


Work with Client to identify specific root obstacles, Challenges, Specific goals, Major issues to overcome in meeting needs


Create tailor-made plan for training necessary to meet institution needs


Develop well-defined pathways to meet the needs of each institution


Measure and document outcomes to facilitate improvement and future learning

Deployment Platforms

Note: Every version of Blackboard Learn is compatible with specific technology matrix for Servers and client. For more information see Blackboard release notes Click Here.